The Value of Giving

After a year filled with the most unexpected twists and turns, this festive season will no doubt look different. Travel plans for many have changed and for others the financial impact of 2020 will be felt more than ever.

For it is in giving that we receive - Saint Francis of Assisi

Great minds throughout history have declared that helping others is the secret to living a happier and more meaningful life. More recently this has been proven by science. fMRI research has proven that giving to charity leads to similar brain activity to the experience of pleasure and reward*. Giving does in fact make us happier!

Messages of healthy eating, meditation, fitness and the importance of mental well being are everywhere today, reminding us daily of the small things we can do to feel good, be happy and improve our wellbeing. Perhaps it is time that giving is added to our list of regular “feel good” activities?

Giving comes in many forms, with the most obvious being financial donations to charities, of which there are many worthy causes. But if you are not in a position to give financially, remember that it is often our presence more than presents that can bring joy.

Unsure where to start? Find a cause you are passionate about and think about the small things you can do to make a difference. Acts of kindness go a long way toward giving back to the community.

· Visit an elderly neighbour

· Volunteer your time to help feed the homeless

· Get involved in a local community or beach clean up project

· Assist in collecting donations on behalf of a local charity

· Help a small business – contact Marketing for Good to find out how you could get involved

Giving is infectious. It is something we can all do and once you start giving, you’ll see how your positive actions inspire kindness and generosity in others.

There is no better time than right now.

The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity - Leo Tolstoy


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