Don't Panic! It's not too late...

We get it Christmas snuck up on us all this year. Or you've done your Christmas marketing (gold star for you!), but you're wondering 'could I have done more?'. Don't panic. We've got you with 16 simple ideas for last minute marketing campaigns....

Be Visible

Send your database a Christmas e-newsletter. Just a few ideas to include:

  • 🎄Christmas wishes

  • 💲 Let them know about key promotions available now or starting in January

  • 📅 Last day for shipping (or offer Free Express Shipping!)

  • 🙌 Don't forget to thank them for their support in 2020

Make sure your Google My Business page is up to date with your open hours over the festive season

Maximise your Social

  • 🔗 Update your social links to ensure so your promotion is always visible, even when the promotional post isn't

  • 👴 Wisely use hashtags. Don't just use the ones used the most. A targeted hashtag used 5k times is better than a broad one used 50k times. And hide them in your stories too.

  • 🤝Ask like-minded accounts to reshare your promotions. We're all here to support each other.

  • 📢 Used paid advertising. But choose your audience, think about your message, consider retargeting. Don't just boost.

  • 🎡 Or if you prefer, pay for some adwords. For efficient spend, think about what questions your target audience will be asking right now and avoid single words that could be applied to other categories

Be Convenient

  • 📅 Indicate the cut off dates for orders on your website and if possible, consider offering free express shipping to ensure gifts are delivered on time. If they have missed the shipping date, don't fret. Offer Gift Vouchers and offer to include a printable card of the selected gift. And for local customers, offer Click'n'Collect.

  • 📌Let customers know when they can expect to receive their order and use postal tracking.

  • 🙋‍♀️ Highlight your products as gifts with suggestions to who they may be appropriate for.

Be Thoughtful & Kind

  • 🎀 Remember everyone is stressed. Think about the small details you can add to make your customer’s day a little easier. Perhaps it’s a surprise gift with purchase, a hand written Christmas card or free gift-wrapping.

  • 💗 Remind customers that by shopping with you they are making a difference. Share with them your story, purpose and the impact their purchase can have on your business at this time of year.

  • 😁 Don’t underestimate the power of a friendly smile and a kind word.

And most of all don’t panic. You still have time… Remember, at least a quarter of Australians haven't even started their Christmas shopping yet!

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