what is profit-for-purpose?

Why don't we operate as a charity or a not-for-profit?

Because we do marketing. We recognise the skills and efforts it takes to operate a charity and we choose to put all of our energy into building our community and helping our clients grow instead. 

Profit-for-Purpose means we cover our costs and use any profit to Do Good.

Our costs include:

  • Fixed costs such as agency platform subscriptions, software, etc

  • Variable costs include accounting, legal advice, IT and consultancy.

  • Salaries, which are capped at national average for equivalent roles, according to salary explorer

  • Marketing spend, which we advocate as an essential component for growth.

Our goal is to minimise costs in order to return the maximum value to our nominated benefactors: 

  • Clients through pro bono work and reduced fees

  • Members through offered benefits

  • Nominated charities

we are for purpose.

Our purpose is to do Good through Marketing.

We amplify value throughout our Stakeholder Value Map.

M4G Stakeholder Map.png

our values

Our values are our guiding principles for every decision we make. They are the reason we're in business and why we get up every day to do what we do.
Love local small business

Purpose Before Profit

Our purpose is to Do Good through Marketing. We prioritise our decisions based first on whether we believe it will achieve our core purpose. We consider our stakeholder value map to ensure  each individual benefits, but also that the value delivered can be amplified beyond ourselves.

An honest marketing agency

Ethical & Transparent

We are Marketing For Good. We only seek solutions that benefit the businesses we serve.

  • We do not up-sell

  • We are supportive

  • We are open & transparent

  • We act with honesty & integrity

Marketing and conscious purchase decsions

Conscious Consumerism

Consumption is the backbone of every economy. However by making considered and conscious purchase decisions we have the power to influence markets and create trends. We encourage conscious consumerism in the support we give.




Sustainability is good for business. 8 out of 10 consumers say they intend to 'buy green' in the future; and green businesses enjoy higher loyalty.


Marketing For Good supports and encourages the organisations we work in their sustainable choices.

Best place to work



We believe we are stronger and more resourceful as a community. By  collaborating, we lift each other up - and the businesses we support. Through the Marketing For Good network, we seek to positively impact  our members, our clients & our communities.