We are a profit For Purpose social enterprise.

We operate with 100% transparency of our costs and a profit plan that solely benefits our community, clients and our nominated charities.

Our goal is to help small businesses, social enterprise start-ups & purpose-led organisations set-up and manage their own marketing. In doing so, we believe we can positively impact local communities, the environment and our economy.

M4G Team small.png

how does it work?


We assess your business & create a tailored plan. Together we agree the work to be done.


We share your work with our community of marketing professionals to create your own agile marketing team 

A dedicated account manager co-ordinates as your team gets to work, bringing your plan to life


We hand over your marketing assets, platforms & tools, with training and your own checklist to keep you in control of your own marketing.

And celebrate!


meet some of our members.


Lily Swift

  • LinkedIn

Over 15 years experience in Global Blue-Chip Marketing and small business owner, skilled in marketing strategy and innovation.

I love spending time outdoors and at the beach, and mostly quite like my 2 children if they go to bed on time.


Elle van Beijsterveldt

  • LinkedIn

Digital Marketing Specialist experienced campaign manager, website development and online events

I love wine, food, Australian beaches and spending time with my friends.


Emma Harrison

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Strategic senior communications, events and brand specialist with over 15 years experience.

I love long lunches with friends, French champagne, sunshine and laughter; traveling to far away lands, challenges and adventures, but most of all I love my family